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What if you could bring a 
new sense of joy and aliveness...

As a Jew and citizen of the world, you have commitments that are very important to you.


No matter what your level of observance or quality of life, as a committed person you are always looking to bring a new level aliveness and purpose to these areas. There might even be areas of your life that are merely “OK”, but lack the  excitement or creativity they once had.

You and I, the Source of Everything is designed to help you discover the tools you already own to move any or all areas of your life to a new level of power and accomplishment. The workshop experience of You and I will put you in the driver’s seat in all areas of your life: your religious observance, your relationships, and your connection to the world at large. A new level of joy and excitement is available by discovering the tools this workshop uncovers.


This workshop experience promises to restore you to the position Hashem has in mind for each of us, by putting you at the source of your life — bringing energy and a sense of joy and excitement to your relationships, your observance, and your relationship to the world at large.

Each session is a unique blend of inquiry, lecture, discussion and exercises… that will leave you at the source of your life and the difference you make in the world.


Imagine…in just a few days, you can transform and energize your thinking. And shift how you relate to being a human being and a Jew.

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