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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions people have asked with regards to participating in You & I - The Source of Everything.  Please use the Contact Us page if you have any questions that are not answered here.

  • What is the You & I seminar?
    You & I - The Source of Everything is a four-session 18-hour conversation designed to give you valuable insights and tools to enhance your daily life. Through a series of inquiries and exercises, you will discover what is at the source of you producing results in your life consistent with what you are committed to. You can read a more detailed session-by-session description of the course under "The Course" on this website's main menu.
  • What is the minimum age for a participant?
    The minimum age for a participant is 18-years old. In some locations, minors may be allowed to participate. This will be clearly noted on the registration page for that location. If minors are allowed to attend, they must be accompanied by parent/legal guardian or bring a signed Teen Permission Form. This form can be downloaded from the website on the DOWNLOADS page.
  • How much does the seminar cost?
    The price of the seminar varies, depending on location, venue, # of participants, etc., and normally runs about $200 per adult. Check the registration page for the seminar in your area. In some locations, there may be a reduced cost for two people to register together. If minors are allowed to participate, there may be a reduced rate for them.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards and Paypal on our registration page.
  • Can I register at the event?
    Yes, provided we have adequate space and sufficient materials available. If you plan to register on the day of the seminar, please let us know that you plan to attend using the CONTACT US page (to insure we have adequate space and materials) and please show up at least 30 minutes early to complete your registration. We accept major credit cards, Paypal, checks and cash at the event.
  • If I register with someone as a couple, does it have to be my spouse?
    Yes. You must supply name and email information for both adults at the time of registration.
  • Will I be required to stand up and speak?
    No. Open participation and sharing is completely voluntary and you will never be called upon unless you raise your hand. You will never have to speak publicly unless you want to.
  • Can I have my phone with me?
    Of course. We request that you place it in silent mode while the seminar is in session. If you need to use your phone while the seminar is taking place, we request you step out of the room.
  • How can this work when there are so many people in the room?
    We see ourself in others. The course is designed to take advantage of this group dynamic. The course leaders are highly trained in facilitating the discussions such that each and every person in the room gets the full value of the seminar.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?
    Nothing for the course itself. We provide pens and notebooks. Only water is allowed in the room during the course and we provide bottled water at a nominal charge. If you would like to bring other beverages or food, we request that you eat at the breaks and only in designated areas.
  • What can I expect to get out of taking this seminar?
    The benefits you receive personally will directly relate to what is important to you in your own life. Each person in the seminar (jncluding you) is dealing with a unique set of issues and circumstances, therefore the actual results each person acheives will vary. You can expect to discover a whole new point of view about your relations to yourself, to others and to the world, leaving you with a newfound sense of freedom and ease in dealing with your specific issues and circumstances. The promises of the program are three-fold: You will discover yourself being at the source of everything in your life and the lives of people around you, including your Yiddishkeit and your relationship to Hashem. You will discover a methodology that you can use to produce unprecedented results in your life. You will discover what it takes to have a profound relationship to your word. We recommend you visit our "What People Are Saying" page on this website to find out what other people have to say about their experiences in the seminar.
  • How can my whole life change in three days?
    In this seminar, you will discover the power of created context and begin uncovering disempowering contexts that are at the source of your point of view about yourself, about others and about life itself. Once you have uncovered these, this seminar will train you in how to invent new contexts that empower you to take on new actions and produce unprecedented results in your life and the lives of people around you.
  • Is this the same thing as Landmark?
    No, it is not. You may notice some similarities between the style of inquiry and possibly even some of the terms used in this seminar and that used in several other other transformational programs. You & I - The Source of Everything was developed by leaders with over 25 years of experience participating in, designing, and leading a variety of seminars and programs, but You & I - The Source of Everything is not affiliated with Landmark or any other adult education company in any way whatsoever.
  • Do I have to have taken any other courses first?
    No. There are no prerequisites for You & I - The Source of Everything. The course is complete in and of itself.
  • Is there ongoing training?
    Yes. We provide materials and coaching for graduates who want to host and facilitate follow-up workshops. These workshops are designed specifically for graduates of You & I - The Source of Everything and require no special skills for facilitating them or participating in them. The only prerequisite to participating in these workshops is completing the You & I - The Source of Everything seminar. There is no charge for the workshop outlines or for participating in the workshops. We are also in the process of investigating the possibility of conducting follow-up sessions online, but these are only in teh development stage at this time.
  • Where do I eat?
    There will be a 15-minute break half-way through each session and an area will be designated where you can eat snacks that you bring. If there are two sessions in one day, there will be a 90-minute break so that you can have enough time to go out and get something to eat.
  • Are there any Rabbis that approve of this?
    The course was partially developed and is co-led by Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman, a prominent pulpit rabbi at Congregation Beth Jacob in Atlanta. Rabbi Feldman has specifically added material to this course to make it appropriate for observant Jews. A number of Rabbis have attended the seminar and reviewed it very favorably.
  • Do I need to attend all sessions?
    We strongly reccomend you attend all sessions of the seminar. Although you may attend part of the course and get value, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the promises of the program without attending all the sessions, participating in all the exercises and completing all the assignments. As in most endeavors in life, what you get out of the course will be directly proportional to your level of participation in the course.
  • Why does it take so long?
    The short answer is that the seminar takes exactly as much time as it needs to fulfill on the promises. No more and no less. Most people report that the time flies by while they are in the seminar. Many participants have reported that they gained a whole new point of view about time itself in the seminar.
  • Why do we have assignments?
    The real value you get out of this course will arise from practical application of the tools and insights you recieve in the seminar out in your day-to-day life. Insights without action provide value that is fleeting at best. Real tangible results in areas of life that are important to you will require you to take action to apply what you learn. Each assignment should take no more than 20-25 minutes to complete. Some of these assignments you will do on your own, and others you will do with a partner that you choose. There is always a bonus assignment after each session, which you may opt to take on or not.
  • Can I get a refund if I don't like it after one session?
    You can get a full refund if you complete all four sessions and still feel that you did not get the results promised by the seminar. Simply talk to one of the leaders after the last session. If you leave after one session or miss sessions and decide to complete it at a later date, there is no additional charge for completing the seminar at some other time or location.
  • What happens if I have to miss a session?
    You can arrange for one of our coaches or another participant to call you and distinguish what you missed in the session. If, after this call, you still have questions, you are welcome to schedule a phone call with one of the leaders. If you miss a session and want to come back to a future seminar to attend the session you missed, there is no charge for doing so.
  • What happens if I register but cannot attend the seminar?
    If you let us know that you will not be able to attend the seminar BEFORE the first session begins, we will refund your tuition in full.
  • What is the cost to review the seminar?
    There is a nominal fee for reviewers to cover the cost of materials. This fee varies based upon the location of the seminar.
  • Are there breaks?
    Yes, there is a 15-minute break half-way through each session. If two sessions are scheduled to run back-to-back on the same day, there will be a 90-minute break in between the two sessions.
  • How can I get the You & I seminar scheduled for my city?
    Just contact us using the website. We will work with you to coordinate the event for your location.
  • Is there a version of this seminar for children under the age of 15?
    Not at present. We are looking into very interested in developing a program for ages 10-15 and we are currently soliciting ideas from certified educators.
  • Do you offer any other courses or seminars?
    Currently, we offer a series of graduate workshops. These are hosted and facilitated by graduates of You & I - The Source of Everything and we do not charge anything for these workshops. The workshops expand on the distinctions of You & I - The Source of Everything and provide a resource for practicing these distinctions in your day-to-day life. We are working on a sequel to You & I - The Source of Everything, which will introduce an entirely new set of distinctions focused on community transformation. We do not have a release date for this follow-up course. We are also investigating the possibility of a course designed for children ages 10-15. This is the conceptual stage and we have no schedule for implementation at this time.
  • Is Larry Grayson a Jew?
    No. Larry is simply a non-Jew who stands for each and every Jew in the world being free and empowered to express themselves as a Jew. Larry and Rabbi Feldman met at a transformational seminar and have been working together for the last 15 years to empower Jews and the Jewish community.
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