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You & i, The Source of Everything...

"Life is a process of discovery... and if you allow it... positive change and emotional growth can occur. This seminar brought me to a level of thinking I had not encountered before. It was hard work to follow the messages put forth in this type of thinking, but the struggle seemed worth it. I felt I was being exposed to a new way of looking at the world and my life."

"I prayed for the first time in a long time on a weekday. I am more joyful about having been chosen as a Jew to bring G-d into the world."

"The conversations we had in the seminar spot-lighted areas of my life and I could see how addressing these areas made a clear impact/difference on my life, what I am up to and my relationships."

"I have learned so much about how we operate as human beings and was taught numerous ways to discover the underlying issues of why we do the things we do. It all makes so much sense to me. I enjoy doing the exercises and have already seen success in the areas I chose to work on. I have also been able to assist others through the tools given in the seminar, which is so very satisfying. I see a profound difference in my life due to this seminar and believe it has truly transformed me."

"Out of all the seminars I have taken this one has made the biggest impact. It was very helpful experiencing transformation by connecting to people from my jewish community...This was key for me."

""This seminar helped me identify areas of my life where I lack joy, success, and the results I want to achieve and gave me strategies for taking control and making significant changes in these areas. It helped me understand how I can create the context through which I view my life and the world, thus changing my experiences, actions, and the results I achieve. It also taught me the importance of having integrity and honoring my word. I strongly recommend this seminar to anyone who is serious about improving the quality of their life."

Commentary from around the country ...

Passaic, NJ


"There are a lot of seminars out there today, and it's easy to get into a race, rut, or racket of self-improvement obsession. Running around to hear the next big thing and never living the old one. I've gone to a few good programs this year, but "You and I" is different."

"You will learn new things about yourself, discover how to refocus your life and empower yourself to be a better person and have a way to create new moments, gain insight and clarity about your direction in life."

"A truly exceptional educational experience! Highly recommend this seminar for anyone motivated to take any aspect of their life to a higher level."

"I came into the seminar not knowing that what I was about to experience would completely change the way I viewed my life, my challenges, and myself. By applying what I learned, I've come to a point where I feel like I'm finally running my life and my life isn't running me."

"I'd highly recommend this seminar to anyone (and everyone), but especially to those people who feel like they're disempowered and are looking for a way to get back in control of their life & personal growth."

"This seminar allowed me to not only recognize that I create my own reality but gave me the ability to create what I want in life!"

"You will discover the secret of how to be empowered and how to make relationships work smoothly."

"The Seminar is an eye opener that everyone should participate in!!"

"I think the fact that the presenters are expert and experienced in the best sense of the word makes a difference. To me, the team approach was crucial. Larry could have taught the seminar on his own without offending my religious sensibilities at all, but Rabbi Feldman's presence in the 4 amot of Halacha and normative Judaism allowed me to embrace the material in a different way."

Baltimore, MD


"Out of all the seminars I have taken this one has made the biggest impact. It was very helpful experiencing transformation by connecting to people from my Jewish community...This was key for me."

"It was great how Rabbi Feldman provided Torah references to help show how these distinctions can be helpful winning in the game that is aligned with our commitment to Yidishkeit and is worthy of us."

"Larry's commitment to the transformation of the Jewish community is awe-inspiring!"

"I loved being able to hear people share authentically and to see for myself how I can identify and distinguish what is in the way of me being connected to Hashem and my commitment to Yiddishkeit."

"Rav Dessler says good and evil are code words for reality and unreality. This seminar is about living in reality, therefore it is about fulfilling on what it is to be a Jew."

"It helped me put where I am into perspective and how I can further both my personal growth and Yiddishkeit.


"Thank you both SO MUCH for making this a reality for this community!"

"I want to keep it alive in my life forever because this stuff really works!!"

"I wholeheartedly recommend this seminar for all, as you will see, you will be a changed person, feel empowered by your possibilities, & gain confidence, as you experience the power of You."

"I came out feeling uplifted & ...just happy & I'm sure you will, too."

"It just reinforced my commitment and choice to be religious."

"I have spent years in therapy and find these workshops so much more beneficial and healing and useful for identifying specific issues, getting to the root of them and helping to resolve them. Implementing the lessons from these  workshops creates personal growth which leads to a more sincere t'shuva and a Tikkun of integrity."

"I recommend this for the greater Philadelphia community and Also in Silver Spring, MD.  Really all over but those are communities I am most familiar with."

"The Seminar had a positive effect on what I have been struggling with in Yiddishkeit which is davening with Kavvanah. My kavvanah has improved. Thank you!"

Atlanta, GA

"I got freedom and the ability to truly be intentional on a minute-by-minute basis in my life. This course is absolutely eye-opening and after many other courses I have taken, I can say without any doubt that this one actually made a difference the day after I finished each session. I recommend this to all the people in my life who are on the brink of their own greatness."

"In this seminar, I distinguished that life is made up of games that I can alter or stop playing. I get the freedom now to choose the games that I want to play."

"You will be empowered to live a life given by your word instead of your emotions. You will discover how your feelings and thoughts have given you who you think you are and you will experience a new sense of power and freedom."

"The conversations we had in the seminar spot-lighted areas of my life and I could see how addressing these areas made a clear impact/difference on my life, what I am up to and my relationships."

"I find myself recognizing some of the distinctions in the moment...everyone is swimming in their own reality, all the time, and no two are alike language is what truly distinguishes us as human beings, which gives us power to shift anything in a conversation or declaration. If I then recall that I can shift the context and occurring world to whatever new empowering context I choose, then the world can be much more as I say I want it to be. The game was fun, insightful and empowering, When I look into my life, I can see clearly that I am playing a different game than the one I thought I was playing. I can't think of a specific situation, but I love having these distinctions available."

Lakewood, NJ

"So grateful! I'm a better person because of this seminar!"

"I feel the seminar helped me enrich my relationships."

"I got a whole new empowering way of looking at my life! I never saw before doing You and I."

"You will gain a new perspective to overcome your challenges."

"I feel like I discovered a whole new world, one that is more meaningful and rewarding than the one I was trapped in until now. This seminar really opened my eyes and transformed my life! Larry & Rabbi Feldman have truly created something that will blow your mind. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and be at the next seminar."

"I particularly liked the coaching to create a new context every morning."

"It's all about changing your context in everyday situations, which will lead to great outcomes."

"The seminar gave me a new perspective, and allowed me to look at things in a way that was previously out of my reach."

Philadelphia, PA

"The seminar was an eye opening experience, that helped me reassess my perspective on how to live a meaningful life. Well worth the time and money."

"I found it very interesting & thought provoking."

"This seminar offers a new framework in which to live your life. If one follows through with the new approaches learned it can certainly be life altering. I look forward to practicing these new approaches."

Phoenix, AZ

"I learned the one simple reason why am I not getting the results I desire in any given area of my life."

"The seminar gives you a real perspective and the ability to deal with any issues."

"This seminar has impacted my life more profoundly than all of the other seminars I have taken combined together."

"It was transforming. It brought to the fore-front parts of me I didn't know existed."

"Stop trying to decide and just choose."

"I believe the most powerful part of this seminar is to be able to see with clarity that we have the power to change how we view ourselves and the world."



Denver, CO


"I quickly loved people I had previously avoided, learned to see them in a new way because they were being authentic. I saw clearly how my inauthenticities were keeping me from participating wholeheartedly in the community and I now have freedom and ease where before I had constraints and unhelpful thoughts. I am certain the community will develop intimacy to a level never experienced before."

"I got to create how I want to experience life ... life is amazing when I say it is and then my experience of life is completely different and remarkable. Things that I would take for granted now appear to me as new and interesting. And it keeps working." 


I was for the first time able to see myself in a totally honest way. It was interesting to see the Game aspect that we play. Context was also huge. Language and how we create our day/life. I can speak to my day and life and apply a whole new outlook or context. I am not stuck feeling sorry for myself and dragging along. I also made a call to the person I needed to clear up with ... so liberating to say out loud my apologies and create a new beginning. I loved the Seminar and so glad I came." 

"For me, it raised the bar on possibilities, how I communicate with myself & my husband."

"I didn't understand why I was putting off and procrastinating my daily and weekly obligations to finish the projects I had started. Now I've got some new vigor, energy and commitment to continue and finish the many things I've started."

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